Smithsonian Transcription Center Review Reviewed by Katherine Herrick, University of Missouri [PDF Full Text] Preserving archives has always been a battle against time. The delicate cursive penmanship found in historical collections of letters and the ink-stamped correspondences punched out on typewriters inevitably fade. It can take years for archivists to collect, appraise, arrange, describe, and digitize these documents, … Continue reading Smithsonian Transcription Center Review


Originally posted on 2014-09-18 Reviewed by Jillian M. Slater, Librarian/Archivist, University of Dayton Libraries [PDF Full Text] Launched by the Internet Archive in 2006, Archive-It is a subscription-based web archiving service that allows organizations to collect and preserve their digital content. According to the Learn More page on their website, Archive-It currently serves over … Continue reading Archive-It