Microsoft Planner Reviewed by Becky Briggs Becker, Editor-at-large [PDF Full Text] Planner is the task management web-based application available in Microsoft Office 365 premium, business, and educational subscription accounts. Microsoft initially released Planner in 2016 as an alternative to its decades old, separately sold, and more complex project management tool known as Project.[1] Following the blueprint … Continue reading Microsoft Planner

Grizzly Labs: Genius Scan and Genius Scan+

Originally posted on 2014-03-18 Accessed 12 February 2014. Reviewed by Maristella Feustle, Music Special Collections Librarian, University of North Texas [PDF Full Text] Genius Scan is an app for capturing and sharing images and documents. It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, with a free version and a premium version, “Genius Scan … Continue reading Grizzly Labs: Genius Scan and Genius Scan+