Bethany Anderson, Reviews Editor

Bethany Anderson is the Natural and Applied Sciences Archivist at the University of Illinois. She also serves as the Reviews Editor for American Archivist as co-editor for the Society of American Archivists and American Library Associations’ Archival Futures series. Besides studying archival theory and practice, she has a strong interest in the anthropology and history of science.  She is a proud feminist and cat lover, and she maintains that those two things are one and the same. If you are interested in writing a review for American Archivist, contact Bethany.


Gloria Gonzalez, Reviews Portal Coordinator

Gloria Gonzalez is the Library Strategist for Zepheira and the Library.Link Network. She also serves as the Reviews Portal Coordinator for the American Archivist Reviews Portal. Gloria holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Mississippi and an MLIS from UCLA. She lives in Los Angeles in a house full of plants and she loves to spoil her pet hamster. If you are interested in writing a review for the Reviews Portal, contact Gloria.

Becky Briggs Becker, Editor-At-Large

Becky Briggs Becker is the University Archives Assistant at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Betsey B. Creekmore Special Collections and University Archives, where she wears many hats including those of project manager, research assistant, and exhibit creator. She is a casual crafty artist, an unabashed nerd, and video gamer, and an always experimenting cook and baker.

Samantha Cross, Editor-At-Large

Sam Cross is the Archivist and part of the Knowledge & Information Management team for CallisonRTKL, Inc. in Seattle, Washington. When she isn’t chasing people down for their records, she also runs her own website, POP Archives, where she waxes poetic about the depiction of archives and archivists in all forms of pop culture. And though she is named for a witch, Sam may or may not be a wizard. The evidence is thin and unreliable.