Originally posted on 2014-08-07 http://www.teacharchives.org Reviewed by Abigail Nye, Reference and Instruction Archivist, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [PDF Full Text] TeachArchives.org is a digital resource for educators and information professionals. Created by the Brooklyn Historical Society, the website is the product of Students and Faculty in the Archives (SAFA), a three-year project at Brooklyn Historical Society which … Continue reading Teacharchives.org

North Carolina Civil War Soldiers Timeline

Originally 2014-07-15 http://cinch.nclive.org/timemap/civil_war/ Reviewed by Rebecca Russell, Rice University [PDF Full Text] As part of Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in North Carolina, 2011-2015, the State Archives and the State Library of North Carolina are collaborating on several projects to document the state’s participation in and contributions to the war.[1] The North … Continue reading North Carolina Civil War Soldiers Timeline


Originally posted on 2014-05-01 http://www.historypin.com Reviewed by Abigail Nye, Reference and Instruction Archivist, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee  [PDF Full Text] HistoryPin is a free social media platform that allows users to pin content to Google maps. Developed by a non-profit, We Are What We Do, HistoryPin bills itself as a “global community collaborating around history.”[1] HistoryPin … Continue reading HistoryPin

Gallica: Digital Library of the Bibliothèque nationale de France

Originally posted 2013-08-01 http://gallica.bnf.fr/?lang=EN Accessed 21 May 2013. Reviewed by Timothy R. Borbely, Wayne State University [PDF Full Text] This review goes beyond U.S. borders and focuses on Gallica, the digital library for the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris, France, which debuted on-line in 1997. The digital library’s mission is to preserve French heritage and to … Continue reading Gallica: Digital Library of the Bibliothèque nationale de France

Hurricane Sandy: Record, Remember, Rebuild

Originally posted on 2013-07-11 http://www.historypin.com/sandy Accessed 02 June 2013 Reviewed by Alexandra Orchard, Service Employees International Archivist (SEIU), Wayne State University [PDF Full Text] Since the 2012 Society of American Archivists annual meeting, Reviews Portal pieces have engaged with and used three notions from Jon Voss’ plenary speech to evaluate archival resources and tools. Highlighting … Continue reading Hurricane Sandy: Record, Remember, Rebuild

Grateful Dead Archive Online

Originally posted 2013-03-01 http://www.gdao.org Accessed 31 December 2012. Reviewed by Lori Birrell, University of Rochester [PDF Full Text] Community building and scholarly rigor are the core strengths of the Grateful Dead Archive Online (GDAO), created by the University of California Santa Cruz. GDAO characterizes itself as a socially constructed network that combines a physical archival … Continue reading Grateful Dead Archive Online

DIY History

Originally posted: 2013-02-15 Reviewed by Eric Wiley [PDF Full Text] The DIY History project at University of Iowa[i] may be evaluated against the intellectual framework proposed in John Voss’ plenary address[ii] at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists. Voss' framework consists of asking how the resource tells the story between documents … Continue reading DIY History