Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads: What The American Archivist Editorial Board Says . . .

I first read James O’Toole’s articles “On the Idea of Permanence” (Vol. 52, no. 1) and “On the Idea of Uniqueness” (Vol. 57, no. 4) as a student, and they both significantly influenced my thinking about archives. I appreciated O’Toole’s explanation of the historical evolution of two core archival concepts. I learned that there was a diversity of perspectives on these topics, but O’Toole’s thoughtful analysis also identified a distinct set of themes. I’ve been making my own best effort to clarify the practical implications of core archival concepts ever since.

–Cal Lee, editor of The American Archivist

My favorite American Archivist article is Mark Greene and Dennis Meissner’s “More Product, Less Process: Revamping Traditional Archival Processing”(Vol 68, no. 2). On a personal level, it resonated with the experience I was having as a new archivist swimming in unprocessed collections. It was liberating. It helped me make the case to my colleagues that we could—and need to!—make changes to our approach to processing. On a broader professional level, Greene and Meissner started a (sometimes heated) conversation that I believe has benefited the profession tremendously.

–Carrie Daniels, University of Louisville